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Chemical & Detergent

From base ground, we’ve grown with hard work, dedication, commitment and the support of our valued customers …

Chempower Australia is a privately owned business which was established in August 2000 as a Sydney based chemical manufacturer, marketer and distributor of chemical cleaning solutions for the institutional and industrial users.

Our initial focus was in Commercial and Industrial Laundry and Textile applications due to a unique relationship with the textile dyeing and garment finishing industry. This link has provided Chempower Australia and its Customers with a distinctive competitive advantage over its competitors in the form of ‘cleaner, whiter, brighter’ linen.

Chempower Australia’s chemical solutions process well over 50,000 tonnes of linen, toweling, uniforms, blankets and other textiles per annum for some of our most prestigious Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Nursing Homes, Airlines and fashion garment houses.

In 2003 we expanded our products and services to enable us to service the Food and Beverage, On-Premise Laundry, Hospitality and Aged Care industries.

Growth in all facets of Chempower Australia’s activities can simply be attributed to a fresh approach, product integrity, outstanding value for money and a dedication and commitment to Customer Service.

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