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History of Chapter Antigone No 27 (Past 8)

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Chapter Antigone No. 27:

Meets 1st Monday of the month at 7:30 pm at AHEPA Hall

Secretary, P.O. Box 185, Rockdale NSW 2216


President: Sis Litsa Diakovassili

Ph: 0418 258 760

On the 16th December, 1975, Chapter Antigone No. 8 was inaugurated at the All Saints Church Hall, Belmore. The Foundation President was Sister Despina Vanos who was appointed by the Grand Lodge of NSW. The Installing Officer was Sister Chris Karayiannides and the Installing Marshall was Sister Christine Lynch. The Chapter was inaugurated by the Supreme President, Brother Tasha Vanos and the Charter of the Chapter was issued under the seal of the Supreme Lodge.

The Foundation Members were: Despina Vanos, lrene Rounis, Ann Karavias, Angela Kalfatis, Hariklia Costescu, Diane Kallas, Marika Piperias, Nikki Rallis, Lily Paraskevopoulos, Kerry Lekatou, Sophia Zounis, lrene Michell, Sotiria Argyropoulos, Vera Vassil, Maria Spinoulas and Helen Penson.

The Chapter was formed, as there was a special need for the Daughters of Penelope to expand, particularly in this area of Sydney. Also, there was a need for Greek speaking members to have a Chapter. Chapter Antigone was given permission for it to be a bilingual Chapter. The members' dedication to community service is exemplified by the funds they have raised for the local Greek Orthodox Church and community.

Our meetings were held at the Belmore Greek Orthodox Church Hall until 2003 when Ahepa purchased the premises at Rockdale. From the early years, combined installations were held with Chapter Heracles, who met at the same Hall as well as combined functions and Christmas parties.

Over the years, the Chapter has had many different functions such as bus trips, afternoon teas, lectures, street stalls and picnics, to name a few. These events raised funds over the years and the members were able to donate a great deal of money to various causes, such as the Cypriot Orphans, Old People's Homes in Rhodes, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Diabetes, Thaiassaemia, Belmore Greek Orthodox Church, all Ahepa appeals, Canterbury Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the Shepherd Centre for the Deaf etc. The members regularly visited St Basil's Homes for the Aged and currently attend the Earlwood Nursing Home.

The members participate in all combined Ahepa committees and the State and National Conventions, as well as the 25Ih March wreath laying at the Cenotaph and the Belmore Greek Orthodox Church, together with Chapter Heracles.

The Chapter organizes a function at Ahepa Hall to commemorate "international Women's Day" Sister Litsa Diakovasilis being the organiser and key speaker.

Special functions were organised to celebrate our 25 year and 30 year anniversaries.

Thank you to ail Antigone Sisters who have worked hard over the years to support the Chapter, by giving their time, their homes and substantial donations so that we are able to donate the thousands of dollars in our 40 years in the Ahepa family.

To all our Presidents, particularly those who have taken on the Presidency for a 2nd and 3rd term, our sincere "thank you". "Thank you" to the District Lodge Presidents of NSW and NZ for their support and Chapter Arete for their continued assistance.

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