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History of Chapter Diogenes No 8

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Chapter Diogenes No. 8:

Meets every 4th Monday of the month at 7:30 pm at AHEPA Hall

Secretary, P.O. Box 857, Rockdale NSW 2216


President: Bro George Balassis

Ph: 0402 062 173

On the 14th March 1957 a number of ahepans came together to hold a preliminary meeting with the object to form another chapter. The meeting was held at the Hellenic Club 192 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. The Supreme President Bro. Theo Georgeson presided at the request Bro. paul Georgea member of Chapter Anatole.

The following were present: From Chapter Prometheus: Andrew Antonato, Archie Chakalos, Jim Hagis, Jim Harris, John L. Lazarides, Theo Phillips, William Raftos, Dennis Rozos, John Scortis, Tasha Vanos, Arthur Yenibis, From Chapter Anatole: Jim Agapitos, Emanuel Aroney, James Cominos, Paul George, Spiro Yanniotis, Steve mayson, Chris Moutafis, Andrew Polivis, George Theodotou.

The Supreme President appointed Paul George as the Acting President and the following were elected as office bearers of the new chapter: Arthur Yenibis, Vice President; George Theodotou, Warden; Emanuel Aroney, Captain of the Guard; then there was secret ballot for the position of Inside Sentinel. Bro Yanniotis was elected. A secret ballot for the position of Outside Sentinel and Bro Vanos was declared Outside Sentinel; Brothers C. Moutafis and J. Cominos were elected as Guards No 1 and 2. Bro John Lazarides was elected Secretary and Jim Hagis as Treasurer. Bro Jim Harris was nominated as Chaplain and the remaining members Jim Agapitos, A. Chakalos, S. Mayson and T. Phillips were elected as Governors.

It was moved by Bro G. Theodotou and W. Raftos that the name of the chapter be Diogenes. Bro P. George thanked the members on his appointment and stated that he would do his best to lead the chapter with the co-operation and support of the officers and members. Bro Jim Agapitos offered his services as organist. A further preliminary meeting was held at the restaurant of Bro Aristides, 192 Castlereagh Street for the re-election of certain officers. The reason given was that officers in one chapter couldn’t be elected as officers of another chapter. It was later learned that there was some political intrigue between some members of those members.

An election was held for the position of Captain of the Guard, Inner and Outside Sentinels. The positions were filled by Bros T. Vanos, Captain of the Guard; D. Rozos, Inside Sentinel; W. Raftos, Outside Sentinel. Arrangements were made to hold the Installation on the 10th April 1957 and so Chapter Diogenes No 3 was born.

The Installation took place at 100 Clarence Street, Sydney. The Installing Officer was the Supreme President Bro Theo Georgeson. The brothers displayed great interest and their enthusiasm enabled them to present a well-rehearsed ceremony. Bro George Scott is deserving of a special mention for he took it upon himself the task of arranging all the detail and preparations for the Installation.

The first regular meeting was held on the 1st May at 100 Clarence Street which became the permanent venue of the chapter and this was the second chapter to meet at this address for Chapter Anatole also used these premises for their meetings. At that meeting there were 13 applicants wishing to join the chapter. During the evening Bro Harry Hallinikos, Foundation President of Chapter Anatole, presented a tableau with the inscription Chapter Diogenes No 3 (new number 8) and the foundation date included which was to be displayed on the rostrum at each chapter meeting.

On the 15the January 1958 a new tradition was started where Bro H. Kallinikos celebrated St Charalambos Day with his brother Ahepans that was a very festive occasion. At the 10th Frebruary meeting it was moved by the President that Bro Harry Kallinikos be made an Honorary member of this chapter for his support in the formation of the chapter, his affectionate name became the Nono (Grandfather) of this chapter.

The election of officers took place on the 19th March where Bro Yenibis was elected president. During the general discussion which took place some members expressed the view of the main objects of Ahepa was that we should be working towards the aims and ideals as outlined in the Constitution and the concern of the brothers was that nothing was being done or had done along these lines.

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