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History of Chapter Ippokratis No 21

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Chapter Ippokratis No. 21

Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm at AHEPA Hall

Secretary, P.O. Box 225, Rockdale NSW 2216


President: Sister Vanya Staneva

Ph: 0468 490 438

Chapter Ippokratis, the medical events arm of AHEPA, has a strong commitment to the provision of support in the medical field. The Chapter’s initiatives range from organising presentations by health professionals on topics such as thalassemia and diabetes to providing support in areas as medical research and aged care.

The creation of Chapter Ippokratis goes back to 2005, when the first discussions took place concerning the need for a new Chapter that would make a difference both in terms of age and in terms of attitude. Among those interested in such a development were G. Lianos, V. Tzavellas, J. Kallimanis, J. Theodoridis, and in particular Irene Anestis. Thus in November 2006 everything was ready and Ippokratis was inaugurated with 22 new members and 7 old members from the ranks of ‘Anatole’ and ‘Heracles’. Ippokratis as an experimentation in the renewal of AHEPA was not at all an easy task, but under the experienced guidance of its first (appointed) President, J. Theodoridis, the foundations were laid in the best possible way. After him, the first elected President, I. Anestis, gave the Chapter the tempo it has retained up to the present day: collegiality, simplicity, and support of medical research.

The aspect by which ‘Ippokratis’ is best known –both within the AHEPA family and the broader community– is the presentation of the prestigious ‘Medical Awards’.

These awards started being presented annually (2009, 2010), but afterwards turned into biannual (2012, 2014). The ‘Medical Awards’ are actually two: the ‘Ippokratis Award’ and the ‘George Thomas Award’. The former is presented to a medical professional of Hellenic heritage for outstanding achievement in his/her chosen field in Australia, whereas the latter (named after Mr G. Thomas, the constant supporter of this initiative by ‘Ippokratis’) is presented to a medical student of Hellenic descent who has demonstrated a high standard of personal development and academic achievement. Thus far the recipients of these awards have been (in chronological order) Professor Minas Coroneo, Dr Chris Fessa, Professor John Christodoulou, Dr Ellina Gourlas, Dr Nicholas Cordato, Costa Boyages, Professor John Boyages and Mr Calopedos.

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