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History of Chapter Platon No 4

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Chapter Platon No 4:

Meets every 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm at AHEPA Hall

Secretary, P.O. Box 225, Rockdale NSW 2216

Email: platon@ahepansw.org.au

President: Bro Vasilis Adrahtas

Ph: 0431 262 823

Chapter Platon No 4 is the oldest Chapter of the Order in NSW. However, it comes from AHEPA QLD, where its history goes back to 1945. It was at that time when a meeting of Chapter Hellas took place in October in order to look into the possibility of forming a Chapter in Rockhampton, QLD (since there was an application for such an endeavour signed by 12 people). Eventually, ‘Platon’ was created and its officers installed on 11/05/1947, under the presidency of E. Comino. ‘Platon’ has been one the most successful Chapters in the whole history of AHEPA, since it managed to own its own AHEPA Hall, which became the focal point for all events of the Rockhampton Hellenic community for more than three decades. Unfortunately, due to the dramatic decrease of the numbers of the Hellenes in the region it had to cease operating in early 1990s and became a dormant Chapter… until AHEPA NSW decided to make it live again!

The first meeting for the reconstitution of ‘Platon’ took place on 03/07/2014, and the appointed first President J. Theodoridis called upon the members to choose whether the Chapter would be combined or not. Unanimously it was decided that ‘Platon’ be reconstituted as a combined Chapter. The installation of the Chapter’s officers took place on 30/07/2014 during the regular meeting of the Grand Lodge of NSW & NZ. From the very beginning, ‘Platon’ started what characterises its meetings most than anything else, namely, the philosophic symposium. The latter is a combination of common meal and formal talks on aspects of Platonism and Hellenic philosophy in general. The reception from AHEPA brothers and sisters has been very supportive and enthusiastic. Chapter Platon aspires to become the philosophical stronghold of AHEPA, shifting interests from charity and philanthropy to culture and paideia. Apart from the ‘Symposium’, ‘Platon’ has already announced an initiative that involves an annual award (Hypatia Award) for the advancement of Hellenic letters and art.

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