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History of Chapter Prometheus No 6

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Chapter Prometheus No. 6:

Meets every 2nd Monday of the month at 8:00 pm at AHEPA Hall

Secretary, P.O. Box 225, Rockdale NSW 2216

President: -

Ph: -

On the 2nd of November 1953, the Order of AHEPA in NSW was re-established after a lapse of 15 years and as a result of this meeting the election and installation of the officers took place on the 15th of November 1953.

The Foundation Chapter officers elected were as follows:

President: Theo Georgenson. Vice President: Nick Andronikus. Secretary: C.P. Mottee. Governors: M. Koutsoyiannis, S. Stamos, E. Paspalas, P. Bardopoulos, Warden: A. Aristidis. Captain of the Guard: George Scott. Outside Sentinel: M. Barboutis. Inside Sentinel: A. Mallos. Prayer Reader: N. Nikolaidis.

Installing officer was the Supreme President from Queensland Bro Vincent Helen. It is assumed that the name of the Chapter was Prometheus No 1 and the first chapter meeting was held on the 14th of January 1954 with visitors from the Mother Lodge and Queensland Chapters.

Presidents for Chapter Prometheus were as follows: Most elections were held on November in the beginning).

Jack Stamell (1954), Frank Creecy (1955), John Castanos (1956), George Paizis (1957), Leo Raftos by M. Barboutis (1958), J. Paspalas (1959).

On October 1960 J. Finos by J.H. Stamell.

The Chapter membership in 1960 was 283.

In August 1961 a debate took place which was open to the public and 315 people were in attendance. A comment made by the late President Bro Jason Finos was and I quote: “It was enjoyable - intellectually stimulating evening and overwhelming success”.

On the 6th of November 1961, Bro P. Kalligeros a member of Chapter Prometheus was decorated by King Paul of Greece for meritorious services rended.

Other Presidents: Jim Kanaris (November 1961), Michael Zantiotis (November 1962), Steve Zantiotis (November 1963), Emmanuel Casimatis (November 1964), Matthew Lepouris (November 1965).

It was during that period that a special meeting was called on the 2nd of March 1966 with the serving members from Mother Lodge. Present members were Bros: Leon Bizanes (Senior), Sam Souris (Senior), Jack Feros (Senior), Jack Smiles (Senior), Nick Ferri (Senior), Con Baveas (Senior), Michael Baveas, Peter Castrisios, Jack Zantis, George Psaltis, G. Combis and from Chapter Prometheus Matthew Lepouris and G. Combis.

On the 4th of July 1966, Bro Leon Bizanis snr, Sam Souris, N. Feros and James Zantis, members of the Mother Lodge of 1934 were affiliated with chapter Prometheus.

November 1966: Bro George Kolinos was initiated by Basil Anthony. November 1967: Bro Leon Bizanes

It was then that after long discussions and deliberations that Chapter Prometheus printed its own magazine called the “Promethean”.

On the 1st Monday of November 1968 Bro George Yiakoumi was installed by Michael Zantiotis.

ferred with the title of Grand President for his contributions towards the Establishment of the chair of Modern Greek at the Uni of Sydney.

Bro Angelo Raftos installed by Harry Kallinikos (November 1969), Bro Paris Hatzidimitriou installed by Harry Kallinikos (December 1970), Victor Bizanis installed by Tasha Vanos (December 1971), Nick Ferros installed by Tasha Vanos (December 1972), Spiro Stamel (December 1973), Peter Kolivos installed by George Yiakoumi (November 1974), Jim Stamell installed by George Yiakoumi (December 1975), Con Vlachos installed by............ (December 1976), Sandy Savos installed by E.J. Cimino (November 1977), Mina Samios installed by E.J. Cimino (November 1978), Mina Samios installed by E.J. Cimino (November 1979).

1979 was the year that I was initiated into the Order. The meetings were held at St Martins Church at Kensington and I was living at Doonside at the time where my business were. And it was here where I met among others two very distinguished brothers. The late Bro Arthur Yenibis & Sir Nicholas Lourantus. I remember distinctly when the president Bro Minas Samios thanked Bro Laurantus for his very generous donations towards the establishment of the chair of Modern Greek and the Uni of Sydney. His words were in Greek and I quote: “Υπέγραψα ένα κωλόχαρτο βρε παιδιά. Τίποτα άλλο”. (Referring to the cheque he had signed).

That is the modesty, even today, that characterises the brotherhood we proudly call AHEPA.

John Samios by Con Macanos (Feb, 1980)

George Tsioutsas by Con Macanos (Feb, 1981)

Jim Giallusi by Nick Maning (Feb, 1982)

Jim Tzavaras by Nick Maning (Feb, 1983)

Anthony Georgiadis by Peter Magiros (May, 1984)

Jim Antonakos (May, 1985), Spelios Acon (May, 1986),

Jim Coroneos (May, 1987), Jim Coroneos (May, 1988)

George Selia (May, 1989), George Selia (May, 1990), Anthony Cristy (May, 1991),Peter Kathestidis (May, 1992), Arthur Kiousis (May, 1993), Arthur Kiousis (May, 1994), George Goutzios (May, 1995), John Polydor (May, 1996), Emmanuel Kalergis (May, 1997), Tom Labrakis (May, 1998), Tony Salonitidis (May, 1999), Emile Varvaressos (May, 2000), George Tsioutsias (May, 2001), George Argyropoulos (May, 2002), Con Kourtis (May, 2003), Con Kourtis (May, 2004), George Sialepis (May, 2005), George Sialepis (May, 2006), Dragoumis Karagianis (May, 2007), Dragoumis Karagianis (May, 2008), Con Vlachos (May, 2009), Con Vlachos (May, 2010), Andrew Kotsonis (May, 2011), Andrew Kotsonis (May, 2012), Loukas Cypreos (May, 2013).

Brothers and sisters let us not forget the extra ordinary commitment that has been ....... over the years by some of our brothers trying to manage and .... achieving that successfully I may say,

the .. of the order at a great personal loss in time and money.

Thinking back and thanking all our past bros Prometheus for what they contributed and achieved all these past years, let that be a lesson well learned by the actions, achievements and foresight.

One thing that has stayed in my mind are the words of the late bro Jason Finos. In just about every meeting there was, he was calling upon us to be more cautious and curteous with the AHEPA money because we can not afford to ... it away.

Our Chapter has been blessed with members with enormous talent, that has served the Order and I could proudly say that we have the most superior National Presidents:

Michael Barboutis, Jack Stamell, Harry Kallinikos, Jason Finos, George Yiakoumis, Peter Kolivos, Anthony Georgiadis, Jim Antonakos.

And there is no shortage of names that members of our Chapter filled the chair of the Grand President.

Theo Georgeson, Michael Barboutis, Basil Anthony, Jason Finos, Pammy Padol, George Yiakoumi, Peter Kolivos, George Tsioutsias, Con Vlachos, Anthony Georgiadis, Jim Antonakos, Victor Bizanes.

To all these brothers not only the chapter Prometheus owes a gratitude for services rented, but the whole of the Order of Ahepa in Australia because it ... for the knowledge, time, effort and dedication that they show over the years. We can easily say that the Order of AHEPA will not be in the envious position that is today.

And let me conclude with few words that I purposely left last.

I am referring to the greatest Ahepan Benefactor to which this Auditorium is named after, the late Bro Arthur Yiannibis.

It was his bequest that helped us pay off the Regent Street Ahepa Hall and helped us as to what followed afterwards.

That was the base “τα θεμέλια” upon the Order in standing today and for that let us make him Sir Arthur Yiannibis.

For what, we should be forever thankful.

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