AHEPA NSW provides $46,000 for Hellenic education and philanthropy (11/10/15)

AHEPA NSW provides $46,000 for Hellenic education and philanthropy​

Sydney, 15 October 2015: Two significant contributions were presented at the recent 61st State Convention of AHEPA NSW and NZ: $10,000 for Variety Club and $36,000 for Sans Souci Public School for a pioneering program teaching Hellenic language and culture through tablet computers.

As Grand President John Kallimanis stated: ‘AHEPA NSW has turned a page and is optimistic that the changes decided open wide the doors of optimism for the upgrade and renewal of the organization.’

2015 Variety Club Bash

Supported by a donation of $10,000, a group of members and associates of AHEPA NSW set out on Sunday 2 August from Bass Hill in western Sydney, finishing on Monday 10 August at Bunbury, Western Australia, having covered a distance of 4,598 kilometres.

With pride, the emblem and name of AHEPA NSW adorns their automobile, promoting the work of the Association from coast to coast across Australia. (see photo)

Τhe Variety Bash is the largest annual motoring event in Australia. The monies raised are used to support children in need, be the need medical or educational. Passing through rural centres, ‘Bashers’ visit schools and institutions in need.

Hellenic Education

With a sponsorship of $36,000 to Sans Souci Public School, a pioneering program teaching and learning Hellenic language and culture through tablet computers has been developed and implemented. An initiative of Consul-General Dr Stavros Kyrimis, and after six-months preparation, lessons have now commenced in Years 5 and 6.

AHEPA NSW’s sponsorship funded the purchase of 40 tablet computers, the professional development of educators in cooperation with Macquarie University, as well as the development of syllabus materials and program.

As Sans Souci Public School Principal, Robert Jennings, told the Convention, 42 per cent of his students (about 270 children) are of Hellenic background, while another 120 non-Hellenic-background studnets undertake lessons in Hellenic language and culture.

«We are very grateful for the fabulous opportunity AHEPA NSW provides. We have two outstanding hellenic teachers. A lot of success depends on these. We will invite you into the classroom to observe the program in action.»

The sponsorships AHEPA NSW provides are as much about cultivating Hellenic education as they are about cultivating philhellenism in wider Australian society.

In his message to the Convention, Consul-General Dr Stavros Kyrimis praised the role AHEPA NSW is playing and urged them to further develop this productive activity.

The Convention unanimously supported bestowing both special guests – His Excellency the Consul-General and Mr Robert Jennings – the title of Honorary member of the Order of AHEPA NSW, honours accepted with great surpirse.

Upgrade of AHEPA NSW

In 2015, AHEPA NSW now has:

  • attraction of new members and establishment of new chapters and clubs such as athletic (Golf, Sporting) and theatrical,

  • opening of the Association to the Australian Hellenic community and regular print and electronic media releases,

  • public lectures on AHEPA, its role and objectives,

  • four weekly radio programs promoting the work of the association,

  • cooperation with the Ο ΚΟΣΜΟΣ newspaper and a whole page for AHEPA every Friday,

  • tens of thousands of dollars for philanthropic and cultural causes,

  • συνεργασία με πολιτιστικές εκδηλώσεις με διαφορετικές εθνότητες,

  • βάσεις μελλοντικών σχεδίων για Πρόνοια της ΑΧΕΠΑ (AHEPA CARE),

  • expansion of the Open University and free Hellenic language classes for secondary school students who seek to improve their command of the language,

  • sponsorships for students who excel in Hellenic studies at secondary and tertiary levels,

  • sponsorship of the Department of Modern Greek and byzantine Studies at the University of Sydney and the Hellenic Studies Program at Macquarie University,

  • support for the Kafeneion for retirees and the elderly.

This catalogue led to the delegates to their unanimous historic decision to endorse the current Grand Lodge officers retaining their positions until the completion of the scheduled changes.

For further information, contact John 0415 223 489

or Panayiotis at info@ahepansw.org.au.


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