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Οδυσσέας Ελύτης στο Rockdale Town Hall - Κυριακή 25 Οκτωβρίου

Dear All,

A day before our event, the program has remained in the same format and time frame as we have discussed.

The address is:

Rockdale Town Hall, 448 Princes Hwy, Rockdale, NSW 2216. Walking distance from Rockdale Train Station (300m approx).

Parking at the rear of the block, behind Rockdale Council & Hall.

The organising committee will be there from 12:30pm

All the Choir and Dancing Groups must be there by 1:00pm

There are three Change Rooms and each Group (Est.Grk.Ukr.) will have a Change Room of each own.

The rehearsals will start at 1:00pm

The rehearsals on the stage must finish by 1:50pm

The doors to the main Hall will open at 2:00pm but from past experience people will start arriving as early as 1:00pm. Therefore we must be flexible to open the doors to the main Hall a bit earlier, thus we must be on time and finish the stage rehearsals as early as possible. The change Rooms are large and you could rehearse in them.

  1. The First Group will be the Greek Dancing Group

  2. The Second Group will be the Estonian Group (you will decide in which you will perform between Choir and Dancing, but I you have to tell me, so I can organise the Music for the Dancing).

  3. The Third Group will be the Ukrainian Group (again, you will decide in which you will perform between Choir and Dancing, but I you have to tell me, so I can organise the Music for the Dancing).

  4. Just before the end, All the Groups will come on the Stage. The Greek Dancing Group will perform the Greek Hasapiko Dance where the Greek Dancers will start this dance and half way in to it, will invite any of the other dancers and singers of the other groups to join them in a sway movement. After that, the Ukrainian Choir will sing the song I am Australian, where towards the end, other people can join the singing. ​With that we will finish this event, where you are going to remain on stage so we can get some Group Photographs.

As for the main Speakers/Presenters are listed on the Program.

I have attached a file in Excel format which indicates the Program from the Start to Finish.

I hope it is clear enough, but if you have any queries, please let me know.

Looking forward to this multicultural event!

Kind regards,

Stavros Kritikos Mob: 0428 162 893 Phone: 9547 2269 E-mail: kritikos@optusnet.com.au


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