Religion, Gender and Politics –With a Focus on Art (3/2/16)

General Information

A series of 4 short courses on the interrelationship between religion, gender and politics; especially through its representation in art. Each course will run for 8 weeks, and will be delivered as a self-contained unit.

Day of Delivery: Wednesday

Time of Delivery: 7:30 – 9:30 pm

Venue: AHEPA NSW Headquarters, 394-396 Princes Highway, Rockdale


First Term: 03/02 – 23/03

Second Term: 30/03 – 25/05 (27/04 excluded)

Third Term: 03/08 – 21/09

Fourth Term: 05/10 – 23/11

Mode of Delivery

Lectures accompanied by visual materials through PowerPoint presentations. At each meeting there will be summary handouts of the topics discussed. At the end of each lecture 15 minutes will be allocated to discussion.

Cost of Participation

The cost for each term is $50, paid in advance. However, people who would like come to individual meetings will be charged a $10 participation fee per meeting.

About the Lecturer

Vassilis Adrahtas holds BA(Hons), MPhil and PhD degrees in Studies in Religion. He also holds a PhD in Sociology and has conducted post-doctoral research in Political Science. He has taught at the National University of Athens, the Hellenic Open University in Patras, Greece, the University of Sydney, UWS, Macquarie University, UNSW and the Sydney College of Divinity. He also is the author of five books and numerous articles in collected volumes and academic journals.

Outline of Terms

First Term:

1. Was there ever such a thing called matriarchy? 2. Religion for men, magic for women? 3. What’s the gender of the Holy Trinity? 4. Are women as human as men are?

5. The advent of the Goddess –and where has God gone? 6. Female bodies, masculine minds! 7. God doesn’t have a daughter, but he does have a mother! 8. Women’s business in Indigenous Australia.

Second Term 1. Why are all Cycladic figurines female? 2. The Minoan Lady of the Beasts. 3. The masculine virgin in Ancient Greek religion. 4. Does the Wisdom of God have a gender? 5. The depiction of gender in Eastern Orthodox Iconography. 6. Prakriti and Purusha, Yin and Yan. 7. The politics of non-representational art in Judaism and Islam. 8. Why did God become a man?

Third Term 1. Symbols and simulacra, visual and virtual images. 2. Spectacle societies... all along! 3. The eschatological aesthetics of Kabbalah. 4. Early representations of the Buddha. 5. The politics of Russian Sophiology. 6. Women mystics of the West. 7. Dorothy Napangardi: An Indigenous Australian painting without gender? 8. Vassili Kadinsky: Concerning the Spiritual in Art.

Fourth Term

1. Immanuel Kant’s aesthetics of the Sublime. 2. The cult of Dionysus: Religion within and beyond gender and politics. 3. Philia: The politics of pleasure in Ancient Greece. 4. The Song of Songs: The Jewish Scriptures beyond Puritanism. 5. Is monotheism all about male violence? 6. The politics of Byzantine Iconoclasm. 7. Effacement of gender and politics in Modern Art. 8. Religion: The most earthly endeavour ever!

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