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62nd State Convention of the Order of AHEPA NSW-NZ (09/10/16)

62nd State Convention of the Order of AHEPA NSW-NZ

Sydney, Sunday 9 October 2016: The 62nd State Convention of the Order of AHEPA NSW-NZ was crowned by absolute success. With some 110 members attending during the day-long meeting, discussion focussed on the future of the Order – immediate and long-term.

The most significant announcement was the ratification of the decision by Rockdale Council to lease Bexley Bowling Club, in the central Sydney area of Bexley North, to AHEPA NSW INC.

Draft plans for the upgrade of the exisiting facilities were presented to the Convention, plans which have been submitted for approval to the newly-formed Bayside Council (merger of Rockdale and Botany Bay Councils). Once approved, AHEPA NSW INC will proceed with official announcements regarding the space.

The second major announcement concerned the presentation of a cheque for $10,000 to the Sydney Childrens’ Hospital Foundation Community Director Ms. Connlaith Ní Raifeartaigh.

During her brief address, Ms. Ní Raifeartaigh thanked AHEPA NSW for the “donation, which was a much-needed surprise. Honestly, without such donations, our work would not be possible.”

“In the near future, we will invite some members of the Order of AHEPA to visit us at the hospital, for them to see where their donation goes.”

During his address, Grand President Bro. John Kallimanis emphasised that AHEPA NSW has been supporting the work of the Hospital for decades. One of the frames adorning the convention hall holds a cutting from the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper from December 1956. The article is about the Christmas party AHEPA organised for children with special needs from the Hospital.

By unanimous decision of the delegates, the State Convention, the Order proceeded with the temporary suspension of all members who acted or are acting in a manner prejudicial to the interests of AHEPA NSW.

Amongst the other decisions taken was the expansion of the AHEPA Kafe to two days a week. Currently, every Tuesday from 10am, AHEPA operates a seniors’

394-396 Princes’ Highway Rockdale NSW 2216 PO BOX 225 ROCKDALE NSW 2216

group fro members and friends of AHEPA NSW. Shortly, the second day of operation of the Kafe will be announced.

Future events

On 23 October, Macarthur Greeks, together with Chapter Alexandros, are celebrating National Day (the ‘OXI’ of 28 October 1940). Following the invitation of the local RSL Sub-Branch, Australians and Hellenes will celebrate the alliance of the two peoples for democracy and against Nazism.

On Friday 28 October, AHEPA NSW’s annual National Day celebration will be held at AHEPA Hall, 394-396 Princes Highway, Rockdale, from 7:30pm. The event is open to everyone, Hellenes and philhellenes alike.

On Friday 18 November, Chapter Cheiron is organising a fundraiser for dementia research. The event will include live music, a theatrical performance and many surprises at the St. George Sailing Club, 2 Riverside Drive, Sans Souci.

The Education Committee announced that in late-April it will be organising a major event for a specific educational purpose.

Closing the 62nd State Convention of the Order of AHEPA NSW, Grand President John Kallimanisο emphasised that the organisation is at a «critical junction», inviting all members «to become the guardians, the defenders of the organisation».

«I hope all outstanding issues are dealt with soon and that a fresh breeze with blow through an AHEPA which is returning to its roots.»

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