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Bexley Bowling and Recreation Club plans released - Leader (13/01/17)

AHEPA NSW representatives Harry Fandakis (Chairman, buildings committee), Nick Katris (Architect), John Kallimanis (President), Dr Panaylotis Diamadis (Secretary) and George Lianos. Picture: Isabella Lettini

From Leader's website Sydney 13/01/17


The new group behind the Bexley Bowling and Recreation Club have promised it will remain open to the community.

The Order of the Australian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) NSW took over the lease of the Laycock Street site last year after the former Rockdale Council accepted its tender.

The original proposal included the refurbishment of the existing buildings, keeping one bowling green, extra parking and a new multi-purpose community centre.

A revised proposal has since been put to council that would also see an extension to the existing building for offices, seminar rooms and a cultural museum.

There will also be parking below the multi-purpose centre.

At the December meeting Bayside Council resolved to endorse the revised proposal as well work to amend the use from sportsground to sportsground and general community use.

AHEPA NSW Grand Secretary Panayiotis Diamadis said the site was a perfect fit for them.

‘’Around three quarters of our members are from the local area so we wanted to stay in St George,’’ he said.

‘’There are very few sites like it in the area so we were ecstatic when we found out our tender had been accepted.’’

The group has a 21 year lease on the site and will invest around $7 million for the whole project.

He said that the club won’t only cater to its 500 members and will stay open for the community.

‘’We want the community to know it’s a public space and it will stay a community club,’’ he said.

‘’We’ve decided to take out the pokies and just focus on the community. We want there to be something for everyone.’’

Construction on the first phase is expected to start in the middle of this year and will hopefully be finished in mid-2018.

The existing building will remain but will be completely gutted to make way for a cafe or coffee shop.

The hall will also be expanded to a 350 person function room.

A bowling green will remain with bowlers retaining their existing facilities.

Dr Diamadis said they are committed to working with neighbours.

‘’We’ve kept it to two stories and put parking underground to make sure there is little disruption to neighbours,’’ he said.

‘’I live nearby and we’re already hearing people getting excited to see the changes at the club.’

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