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Kaarin Anstey's lecture on “Living well to reduce our risk of dementia” - Chapter Chiron - Video

The President and Members of AHEPA Chiron Incorporated presented last night

Lecture on “Living well to reduce our risk of dementia”

‘Professor Kaarin Anstey discussed the latest research into how lifestyle and health affect our brain, and later dementia risk. This included an overview of the dietary patterns that have been shown to protect the brain, physical activity and social life. Anstey also discussed how some medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure affect the brain to increase risk of some types of memory and thinking problems.

The lecture attended also the well know Professor George Paxinos and many people members of AHEPA NSW and the Greek community in General.

Mrs Christine Gazepis-Stavropoulos made the initiation of the ceremony and the President of AHEPA NSW Mr. John Kallimanis made the closing, thanking Professor Kaarin Anstey and the president of Chapter Chiron Mrs Lucy Miller.

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