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New members initiation in Chapters Chiron No 22 and Diogenes No 8 (04/06/17)

On Sunday the 4th of June 2017 after the Officers installation of Chapter Chiron No 22, the initiation of new members in Chapter Chiron & Chapter Diogenes took place.

Chapter Chiron No 22 :

Newly initiated: Bro Jim Tsolakis

Chapter Diogenes No 8 :

Newly initiated: Sis Conie Gerakis, Sis Stavroula Skagia, Bro Evan Skagias, Bro Bill Karafotias, Bro George Karafotias, Bro Peter Giliaskopoulos, Bro Polyvios Xydis, Bro George Housos

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