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63rd State Convention of the Order of AHEPA NSW-NZ (08/10/17)

63rd State Convention of the Order of AHEPA NSW-NZ

Sydney, Sunday 8 October 2017

The 63nd State Convention of the Order of AHEPA NSW-NZ was crowned by absolute success. With some 85 members and a lot visitors attending during the day-long meeting, discussion focused on the future of the Order – immediate and long-term.

The presence of the Greek Consulate Dr. Stavros Kyrimis at the convention for about one hour and his speech enhanced the vision of the organisation.

The main discussion in the convention was regarding the future of the organisation after the court's decision is finalised regarding its constitution. This is expected sometime in March 2018. A few of the members asked clarifications about the current status and the progress of the case and the Grand President responded accordingly.

The decision of the delegates at the State Convention was to keep the Grand Lodge management board as it was before the convention. Voting was contacted and vote of confidence was given to the Grand Lodge President and the officers to continue managing the organisation.

Future events

The Education Committee announced that on the 4th of November 2017 it is organising a major fundraising dinner event for supporting the teaching of Greek language in public schools using tablet devices.

Closing the 63rd State Convention of the Order of AHEPA NSW, the Grand President Mr. John Kallimanis thanked all members for renewing their trust and emphasised that the organisation is at a «critical junction», inviting all members, as per last year, «to become the guardians and the defenders of the organisation»."

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