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'Save a Heart' from Chapter Anatole

Chapter Anatole of AHEPA NSW held a fundraising dinner dance on Saturday 2 December to support the St Vincent’s Heart and Lung Innovation Fund.

The aim of the fundraising was to support St. Vincent’s current and future programs in cardiothoracic care, such as the establishment of Australia’s first Advanced Cardiac Imaging Centre, the pioneering “heart and lungs in a box” initiative and the development of frontier technology in valve replacement.

The Grand President of AHEPA NSW Mr. John Kallimanis and the President of Chapter Anatole Mr. Theo Skhinas gave a short speech explaining the work of the AHEPA organisation and the Chapter itself.

Professor Katherine Samaras provided a very informative and insightful presentation to over 90 guests on heart disease prevention.

All profits from the event, the raffles and the special publications will be donated to the St Vincent Curran Foundation. About one hundred people attended most of them members of Chapter Anatole.

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