From 1994 until today, Radio Era/Galaxias faithfully serves news, entertainment and education and tries to stay in tune with the signs of the times as well as the needs of its listeners. Public radio is ready to keep you company at all times, as well cover all your interest. Its programs appeal to all audiences and preferences. The most significant factors of its successful development are its employees, who guarantee quality, reliability and morals.Radio Galaxias puts you in the mood with its many diverse frequencies.Are you in the mood for Greek, foreign or classical music? For news or sports? Or are you looking for communication? Wherever you are and whatever you like, there is Galaxias...



From base ground, we’ve grown with hard work, dedication, commitment and the support of our valued customers …

Chempower Australia is a privately owned business which was established in August 2000 as a Sydney based chemical manufacturer, marketer and distributor of chemical cleaning solutions for the institutional and industrial users.

Our initial focus was in Commercial and Industrial Laundry and Textile applications due to a unique relationship with the textile dyeing and garment finishing industry. This link has provided Chempower Australia and its Customers with a distinctive competitive advantage over its competitors in the form of ‘cleaner, whiter, brighter’ linen.

Chempower Australia’...

Do you want to watch the Greek channels through internet without paying monthly subscription fees? In this case you need the GTV247Box from GreekTV247.com

With GTV247Box you are able to watch more than 70 Greek channels and all major Cypriot channels. Also, you have an additional channel i.e. GreekTV247.com which is a video-on-demand channel. From GreekTV247 you are able to watch all major TV Series from Greece, movies, news and all major shows. 

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wirelessPro is a consulting firm focusing on networking services. From simple solutions related to residential homes to more complicated business solutions, we help you finding the best solution according to your needs and your budget. This solution will fulfil your requirements minimising the installation and operating costs. 


Below is a recommended solution for eliminating WiFi dead zones in big houses.


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OKNetTV is a Digital Producer company focusing on Digital Marketing services using its own Business Networks together with the most popular Social Media. 


Also we have expertise in Responsive Web Designand eCommerce using User Experience Design to improve the usability of our client’s websites and applications and therefore their acceptance by users. 


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